Digital Marketing Strategy Services

We’ll help you grow your website traffic, convert more leads, and collect, interpret and report on your most actionable marketing data.

Hold our hand, we’ll coach you to the next level.

Monthly Digital Marketing Management & Strategy

Hire us on a monthly retainer with our digital marketing strategy package and get help with growing website traffic and conversions through SEO, paid ads, web analytics/optimization, and content strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy Package Pricing

We offer three accessible pricing models so that you can grow your business at each stage of the journey.

Solopreneur / Non-Profit

$825 / month
+ 10% of ad spend budget

We’re so proud of how you’ve bootstrapped

Scaling Small Business

$1295 / month
+ 10% of ad spend budget

We’re ready to take you to the next level

The Industry Leader

$1895 / month
+ 10% of ad spend budget

It’s time to rule the world, or at least your space

Digital Marketing Strategy Package Details

You will need to commit to creating (or hiring to create) a minimum of 1x blog post/month; 1x email newsletter/month; 10-12x social media posts/month. You will also need to commit to a minimum of $152 in ad spend a month in order to use this package. These commitments are to ensure the success of your marketing program. We suggest a minimum of a 12 month contract to see the full effects of your marketing program and how it impacts every season of your business. We are pretty confident you will want to keep working with us though 😉

Keep in mind that it takes Google 6-10 weeks to truly even register content changes on your website to their search engines, so our strategies are built around driving leads for evergreen, long-term, sustainable growth. We prioritize marketing channels and strategies that are ethical, use your owned platforms and lists (goodbye algorithm changes that you can’t keep up with), and are future-proofed against upcoming changes in policies and tech in the marketing industry (yes, we are huge research nerds).

Digital Marketing Strategy Includes:

  • We fully manage your paid ad strategy, creation, optimization and reporting
  • We teach and direct you (based on our custom monthly research for your business) on your organic search results traffic strategy each month by providing the monthly theme, keywords, content and technical optimization suggestions
  • We provide light accountability and structure for creating your email newsletter directly related to your website content strategy
  • We provide light accountability and structure for creating your social media content directly related to your website content strategy
  • We fully manage the reporting, conversion tracking, and data-collection and interpretation to make informed, efficient and impactful marketing decisions for your business. We are committed to being as transparent and educational as possible.

Package Deliverables Includes:

  • Either one 90-minute online meeting per month, or two 45 minute online meetings per month
  • A custom monthly digital marketing metrics report that we go over together so that we can make the most informed decisions for next month, track your progress, and you can get your questions answered
  • Meeting video recordings accessible in your Client Portal so you can have access to the training and coaching that we do (or even train your team members with
  • A client portal that includes: invoices, contracts, login information, meeting notes (with an actionable checklist for you and us), a resources/documents portal, your monthly marketing report, meeting video recordings, your keyword list, your market research homework, your marketing campaign link directory, and any other databases we create together.
  • Access to direct messaging via our private client slack channel to answer quick questions within the scope of the project
  • AT START OF PROJECT: Set-up and optimization of your Google Analytics (GA4), Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google Ads Account; your SEO dashboard; a complete SEO technical audit of your website; Tracking pixel implantation; and custom conversion tracking and events set-up in your Google Analytics and Google Ads account.

What This Does NOT Include:

  • Your Ad Spend budget (this will be set-up to be charged to your credit card)
  • Your marketing software costs (we can help inform you of the best options on the marketplace if/when you are shopping for something)
  • Website development (can be purchased a la carte)
  • Out of project scope requests (can be purchased a la carte)
  • Email newsletter content creation
  • Social media content creation
  • Blog content creation

You will need to commit to creating (or hiring to create) a minimum of 1x blog post/month; 1x email newsletter/month; 10-12xsocial media posts/month.

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Defining Your Audience

Landing Page Design

Lead / Customer Generation

Product / Offer Design

Website Traffic Growth

Data-Driven Decisions

Digital Marketing Strategy Example:

Building Your Sales Funnel

  • Determine who is the person you are serving. Who specifically do you want to help? Truly get as specific about the details as possible. We’d even suggest naming specific people or businesses you want to reach out.
  • Design your main service/offer to truly meet the needs of this audience. Their needs should always be your priority. Think about the price they would pay, the features they need, and the places they want to hang out.
  • Create a landing page (simple web page) that lists your main service/offer. Clearly lay out the problem they are facing, the solution you are offering, and what the end result (their life after working with you) will look and feel like. Share proof that you’ve successfully done it before using case studies, testimonials, or screenshots. Make a clear and obvious way for them to hire you, buy the product, get in touch, or sign up for a follow-up.
  • Drive as much website traffic (from this audience) to your landing page. You will want to grow traffic from a variety of marketing channels so that your eggs are not all in one basket. We usually do a combination of organic traffic from Google search results (SEO), social traffic, paid ads traffic, and email newsletter traffic.
  • Convert as much of your web traffic as you can by getting them to complete the action on the landing page (ie: fill out the contact form, book a call, purchase the course/ticket/product, etc.
  • Make sure everything is trackable and measurable. You will want to set up conversion tracking on your landing page so that you can find out which marketing channels and campaigns help you do this the best (and improve the ones that are underperforming!)

Digital Marketing Strategy Example:

Building Your Content Marketing Strategy

Most importantly you need to create educational, entertaining, valuable content for the platforms that your specific audience hangs out on, or looks for information.

We suggest that you focus on creating content that helps you rank high in Google search results (SEO & Google Ads), shows up on people’s social media feeds (Social & Social Ads), and gets sent to their inboxes (Email). Depending on how much time or resources you have to create content you will need to scale this content marketing plan accordingly. Use our calculator to figure out how much and what content to create each month for your business.

How Much Content Can I Actually Create and How Do I Prioritize My Content Marketing?

Use this calculator to figure out your marketing content capacity at this time, and what your marketing content strategy should be based on that. Don’t set yourself up for failure! Being realistic, and subsequently consistent and efficient is the best way to get a handle on your marketing as a small business owner!

Considering working with us? Book a services inquiry call!

We can hop on a quick video chat to figure out the best plan for your business specifically, and let you know if we are a good fit!