How to Grow Your Instagram Following Ethically & Impactfully

Here are some simple tips and tricks to gain more Instagram followers, make sure those followers are engaged, and can be converted into clients:  

  • First priority is post quality content EVERYDAY at optimal times using the same editing process and aesthetics for each post (use a free app to know when are the best times to post for your audience, and use Planoly to visually plan your feed)
  • Use all available 30 hashtags on the first comments and individualize them for each post (I like to put these in an iPhone note and copy paste for certain types of posts, or alternatively you can set up keyboard shortcuts to insert all the hashtags)
  • Respond to every comment that you get – Engage with the accounts that are liking and commenting your posts (aka grow your tribe), like their stuff, comment on their stuff
  • For growth hacking (in an ethical and engaging way) you can host an instagram giveaway every 1000 followers that requires them to like the post, follow you on insta and tag two friends in the comments to enter)
  • To engage and grow if you are in a certain industry you can share/repost others photos, tagging them and celebrating their work (people love to be featured, just make sure to mix this in with original content)
  • Choose five things that make up your brand (ie: puppies, cactuses, coffee shops, etc.) and rotate through those themes each post so that your feed becomes targeted and you attract people who really like those things)
  • Another growth hacking tip (in an ethical way) is to participate in instagram pods (but be aware these will slowly become extinct due to Instagram’s algorithm and also isn’t true engagement – so therefore it is less likely that your followers will be converted into clients)
  • Another growth hacking tip (in an ethical way) is to grow your tribe, follow people who are engaging on accounts that already engage with you (ie: you all like the same things, are all active on insta, and are more likely to be authentic followers who love you and your stuff)

This takes time, a clear understanding of your brand and purpose, and a motivation to do things for the right reasons. Don’t ever buy followers, play the follow/unfollow game, or try to bloat with unengaged unauthentic followers because they will never become clients, friends, or influenceable people.   Of course Marceil Design offers social media management & growth for your business at a negotiable price (email lauren@marceildesign.com for more deets), but you can also try these tips and tricks on your own and if you are consistent and take the time (it can be a lot) you will see progress that is longer-lasting than other methods out there, and more likely to convert followers into clients with higher returns on investment.