Young, Hip & Married

How We Consistently Achieved Over 1 Million Monthly Search Impressions For Young, Hip & Married

After working together for only one year with Young, Hip & Married, Boop Digital grew Google Search impressions to over 1 million per month and a total monthly search traffic value of over $96,000 per month.
1.3 Million
Google Search Impressions Per Month
Increase in Website Conversions
Avg Growth in Website Traffic Month Over Month

The Company

Young, Hip and Married is the top wedding officiant business in over six international markets (and expanding). They curate authentic, emotional and touching wedding ceremonies through officiating and wedding vow education and services.
Young, Hip, and Married is an exceptional wedding company that embraces the contemporary spirit of love and celebration. With a deep understanding that love manifests in various forms, Young, Hip, and Married caters to young couples embarking on their journey together, as well as those seeking to renew their vows and celebrate their enduring love. The company is dedicated to helping couples craft weddings that authentically reflect their personalities and values, ensuring that every event is a true expression of their unique union. At the core of Young, Hip, and Married lies a team of passionate and experienced wedding professionals who are committed to transforming dreams into reality. Collaborating closely with couples, they curate tailor-made experiences that surpass expectations. The company firmly believes that a wedding should mirror the couple's identity, and they go above and beyond to ensure that each celebration is distinct and personal. What truly distinguishes Young, Hip, and Married is their unwavering commitment to celebrating love authentically. The website serves as a platform to inspire couples with real stories, practical advice, and a wealth of resources to navigate the wedding planning process with ease. The company's blog, brimming with inspirational articles and expert tips, empowers couples to create weddings that are as unique as their own love stories.

The Challenge

To aggressively increase search results rankings and web traffic in an ethical, value-driven way while also setting up proper conversion tracking to measure the ROI on their new SEO marketing focus.
Young, Hip & Married originally hired us after having a bad experience hiring an SEO professional on Fiver.com whose strategy involved adding their site to a number of link tree farms which caused their site to be flagged by Google for black hat SEO practices. Boop cleaned up thousands of illegitimate backlinks, resubmitted their site for approval and were able to remove the penalties. We then started working with Young, Hip and Married to grow their search rankings and website traffic using the ethical, white hat SEO techniques that we are known for. Our aim was to increase YHM's web traffic to meet their aggressive business growth targets, while providing high quality content for their target audience, and set up proper Google conversion tracking so that we could report on the tangible effects their new SEO strategy was having on their business.

The Solution

We created a bespoke content strategy every month that utilized competitor keyword gap analysis techniques and in-depth keyword content breakdowns for every single blog post and page that was being developed. Monthly reporting showed clear return on investment for each strategy.
After running a full backlink audit, and removing all backlinks that had a spam score of over 60/100, we submitted an appeal to Google on their behalf that was approved. We then conducted extensive keyword research that included competitor keyword gap analysis techniques to spot the biggest opportunity keywords between them and all of their competitors to create a prioritized content marketing strategy of blog topics to get their copywriting team to focus on over the next month. In addition to determining the prioritized content pieces that needed to be created, we provided a full breakdown of related high search volume keywords to be used as subheadings in each of these blog posts as well as all of our proprietary documentation, workflows and training to their content team to ensure that they maintained an extremely high SEO technical on-page score. In addition to this we met on a bi-weekly basis to have recorded training and strategy sessions to manage their overall digital marketing strategy, and custom reporting and conversion tracking set up that was filled on a monthly basis to easily demonstrate return on investment.

The Results

YHM gets over 1.3 million monthly search impressions and over 40,000 website visitors from organic search results alone. If YHM were to replicate this web traffic in paid ads instead, it would have cost them over $96,000 each month based on current ranked keyword costs and the number of clicks.
YHM gets over 1.3 million monthly search impressions and over 40,000 website visitors from organic search results alone. If YHM were to replicate this web traffic in paid ads instead, it would have cost them over $96,000 each month based on current ranked keyword costs and the number of clicks. Their website traffic consistently grows an average of 48% month over month. These numbers are only increasing as we enter our second year of working together as business partners. They have not only grown their website traffic substantially, but we have also implemented custom conversion tracking and see a direct correlation between conversions from search results that lead to a huge return on investment. We review these numbers on a monthly basis with them so that we can constantly tweak our strategy to remain agile in the competitive wedding industry.
"Lauren from Boop Digital has been a pleasure to work with. They are extremely knowledgable and have helped us better understand our SEO metrics and what is needed to continue excelling in our industry. If you are looking for a long-term partner to help you continually improve your SEO I highly recommend setting up a call with Lauren. We are very pleased with their service. Thanks, Lauren." - Shawn Miller, CEO of YHM